RCJET is a proud webshop of very high quality and detailed model aircraft. RCJET is official importer and dealer for LX and HSD. Shenzen Lanxiang Model Aircraft Co, LTD and HSD Hobby, LTD from China are both worldleaders in their branch and brought the world of radio controlled planes to a different and more extreme level.

With RCJET you buy the latest version of  the model for which we have choosen the highest possible upgrade concerning quality of on board electronics, landing gears and controls!!

Ofcourse it is also possible to buy the standard versions with RCJET. All prices on the site are the upgraded versions.

( see FAQ )

For now please feel welcome to visit the RCJET shop and enjoy!

Because RCJET want’s to be transparent we added some price information in the FAQ section.

Also you can find video’s in this section concerning the making and strength of the foam jet.



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