SU-47 Sukhoi KIT LX

299.00 229.00

Package Include:

Airplane (most components preinstalled, some assembly required)
Two 70mm electric ducted fans
User manual


7 channel transmitter and receiver (not included)
Battery and charger (not included)
Two Brushless electric speed controllers (not included)
Two Brushless motors (not included)
Fourteen servos (not included)


This packaging option indicates what comes included and does not mean a completely assembled item. This packaging option does not include any on-board electronic components unless noted otherwise. The radio system, Battery and charger are also not included. Note that this packaging option is best suited for modelers who wish to customize their on-board electronics.

Wingspan 1120mm (44 in)
Length 1500mm (59 in)
Flying Weight 2000g (70.5 oz)
Drive System 2x outrunner brushless motors
EDF Diameter 2x 70mm
Thrust >2500g
Servo 1Six 9g high speed micro
ESC 2x 50A Brushless speed controller
Battery 22.2V 6S 3600mAh 25C Li-Po

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  • New version with improved retract doors
  • New version with Twin 70mm metal EDF
  • New version with upgraded 80A Hobbywing brushless ESC
  • 8 operable channels (aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder, retract, canard, thrust vectoring, brake parachute ejection)
  • Tail rudders
  • Flipping vector switch on transmitter allows for deactivating/activating vector system
  • Pilots using their own radio systems will need to adjust Travel Adjust and or EPA (End Point Adjustment) settings before operating
  • Note: Minimum 9 channel receiver required for battery elimination circuit (BEC)



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